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Khao Sok National Park is the largest National Park in Thailand, encompassing 739 square kilometers. The park and surrounding areas are home to 48 species of mammals, 38 species of bats, over 300 species of birds and a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods and insects. An amazing variety of vegetation grows in the area, including the raffelesia flower, the largest species of flower in the world. Morning Mist Resort is adorned with many varieties of tropical plants and flowers, collects varieties from all over Thailand to decorate the resort’s garden areas. If you love orchids, you’ll discover an amazing collection at Morning Mist!

Morning Mist offers different styles of accomodation for different budgets and sleeping arrangements.
Bungalow options - (a)River View , (b)Garden View ,or (c)Mountain View
, one storey Mountain View bungalows, two storey Mountain View bungalows with separate upper and lower rooms, and more spacious River View cottages. Please specify your preferred sleeping arrangement when booking: - 1 single bed - 1 double bed - 2 single beds
All bungalows are equipped with hot showers, fans and mosquito nets. Some bungalows have mini refrigerators.

Upon discovering what you may think is your ideal accommodation in Thailand, often times  you still have to experience the typical morning distractions which, for some, can be considered less than relaxing. Well here at Morning Mist, ‘relaxation’ is our middle name. Can you imagine not having to worry about routines, such as setting a noisy alarm clock each night before you close your eyes, or having the shrill of a telephone from the front desk reception rattle you out of bed, or your pre-dawn sleep disrupted by roaring motorbikes whizzing past your front porch?    

Morning Mist can turn these distractions into a distant memory, as your mind is put at ease by ‘waking up to the soothing sounds of nature’. Families of birds chorusing outside your window, the deep baritone voices of Gibbons calling out to each other from the jungle’s canopies, hundreds of cicadas humming in orchestral unison, or the hypnotic sound of water bubbling over moss-laden rocks in a nearby river. Nature’s tones will greet you each morning from your restful sleep in our cozy bungalows. Then after you are awakened by the calming sounds of the rainforest, you will experience the beauty of our lush tropical gardens and unique and exotic limestone karst formations which surround our riverside property.

We feel very privileged that our guests are able to experience one of the most awe-inspiring regions of not only Thailand, but the world. Our environment consists of dense jungle, extraordinary limestone formations (which we refer to as ‘nature’s skyscrapers’), caves adorned with jagged stalactite and stalagmite spear-like sculptures, a mystical lake and the Klong Sok River that snakes it’s way through the Khao Sok valley. As you immerse yourself in this tropical splendour, Khun Andy and our hospitable and polite staff will be very happy to provide you with a variety of activities, ranging from jungle treks (day or night), elephant rides, canoe trips, river tubing, daily or overnight excursions to Lake Rachapphapa and even personalized Thai Cooking Classes, using our own freshly grown herbs. Whatever suits your preferences, we can allow you to experience the variety of natural wonders this region has to offer.

We have designed our bungalows to appeal to all tastes, by providing accommodation in different shapes and sizes. Our bungalows can cater to singles, couples and families, which include lush garden views, misty mountain views, riverside views and lower level or 2-storey choices. How can you pass up sipping on one of our trademark, brightly coloured floral cocktails, while relaxing in a hammock gazing out over the river or mountains? It's hard to say no to such an enticing opportunity. In addition, we offer a full service restaurant with an extensive menu and a cocktail bar with a wonderful view overlooking the mountains and property.

So whether you’ve decided your trip to Khao Sok was meant for pure relaxation amongst some of the most picturesque scenery in Thailand, or you’ve chosen the more adventurous route to delve into our diverse and captivating nature, Morning Mist will see that whatever choice you make, you will have a very memorable experience.

Lake Tour

Day trips and overnight stays to magical Rachapphapa Lake.


Guided nature hikes (day and night) in Khao Sok
National Park.

Elephant Bathing

Elephant trekking. or bathing


Our guests are welcome to choose any or all of the activities we offer.
Morning Mist Resort’s options for fun (or simple relaxation) are sure to make your Khao Sok experience memorable!

Canoe or Tubing

Canoeing and tubing on the scenic Klong Sok river.


Many activities await our guests at Morning Mist Resort, and we take great care to insure an entertaining and informative visit. In addition to absolute relaxation, we offer the following activities and tours...

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Swimming pool

Relax and cool down in Morning Mist Resort’s swimming pool, located next to Misty Restaurant.


Enjoy the beautiful mountain views from our enchanting restaurant. We grow our own fruits, vegetables and herbs used in our fresh Thai cuisine. We offer refreshing and nutritious fruit and herb drinks, as well as a full bar with cocktails, beer and wine.


  Relax with a drink, enjoy the amazing natural scenery and browse through our activities book as you plan your day.

A beautiful senery of Khoa sok river just attached to riverview bungalows


Thai cooking classes are offered at Misty Restaurant. Learn the secrets of preparing and cooking delicious Thai food, and then enjoy your own creations!

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